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Creatives Universe Community

Creatives Universe Community

Creatives Universe- The model for successful business ran by the creatives not the talking suits . Creatives have the ability to wear the suits when we take back our power and unite as a union. Imagine if the Top 25-30 rappers all came together to make a record label, it would put universal and epic out of business . These companies are culture vultures and bring no solutions to our communities. I really mean it when I say “The whole world is ours because we create it !!!! “ . This year I started a community with creatives to share classified information with. The goal is to build this group to as many members as possible but the short term goal within the next 6 months is to get it 300 members. With a community of 300 ACTIVE members we could all literally support each other’s economy each month and practice group economics- circulating the black dollar between each person / & if you happen to be someone who think you’re not creative we’ll teach you how to tap back in to that child-like Mind and harness that creative imagination that we all had as children . If you want the link to the network email me @ !! Or hit up are Instagram page @CreativesUniverse Thank you and hope to see you creating with us soon!


By Kimontae Martin 

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